Toronto Jazz Trio

You've seen it dozens of times on TV. There's a fancy-dress party, or a wedding reception, or a corporate cocktail event. And in the background, there's always a jazz trio or quartet.

When you think of a jazz trio, chances are you're thinking of something classy and not overbearing. Enough to add energy to your event, but not drown out the conversation.

But what instruments come to mind? Sax? Guitar? Piano? Bass? Drums?

Of course, it could include any of those instruments and more. "Trio" just refers to how many musicians are playing at one time. It doesn't even mean how many instruments there are available. For instance, if you request a sax as part of the trio for your Toronto event, for sure he'll bring along his flute as well just to get the best sound for the type of song being played.

Depending on the kind of mood you want to set, any number of instrument combinations are possible:
guitar, sax/flute, bass
guitar, bass, drums
guitar, violin, bass

And depending on your budget, a duo may be all you need. Or perhaps you'd like a quartet with a singer... or a drummer... or...

I will work closely with you to make sure you have the most appropriate kind of music for your event.

Have a listen to some examples of these various options:

“Provided the perfect musical background to set the tone for our corporate event! Great repertoire, would highly recommend!” Jozina Dykstra, Reception & Marketing, Red Hill Orthodontics